Summer is drawing to a close. Autumn is close….

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, our summer is starting to fade. School and nursery starts again, and many parents go back to work after a few weeks of sun and long lovely evenings.

The downside? Long lovely summer evenings often mean later bedtimes, which means later starts in the morning. No problem at all if you are on holiday when the only time constraint you have is to make sure you get to the hotel buffet breakfast in time to get the best table overlooking azure blue sea.

BUT post holiday blues also can mean back to early starts, rushing to get out of the house, and actually having to wake your child rather than then wake you.

So, to ease yourself, and your child, back into a routine, this last week is key. Try to bring bedtime forward by 15 minutes for the next 2 nights, then another 15 minutes… then another… until you are at an age appropriate bedtime. This will mean their little bodies get time to adjust their circadian rhythms before school starts, and before they need all the energy they can get to make it through a full day of nursery.

It’s similar to the clocks changing, if you prepare and adjust slowly, then you’ll sail through it all.

So long, summer, thanks for the memories, see you soon! I’m off to book some winter sun….